Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fairtrade Towns As Unconventional Networks of Ethical Activism (Week 3)

     From this article, I found a few new words for me that increase my knowledge and pronunciation skills as well. I haven’t use “endevour” or “endeavor” word to say something that related to strive, try or initiative. As this journal title is about fair trade, I have discovered that this product or campaign is growing and getting bigger nowadays. Everyone is making money and doing business. So, each of us who are doing business are good to have this knowledge about this Fairtrade marketing and their objective is to promote positive change in production and consumption systems. This Fairtrade product is actually to promote local products. In UK, they have promoted Fairtrade things to recognize local efforts to promote the consumption of Fairtrade products. They also have Fairtrade Foundation which is NGO at their country which responsible for their promoting and regulating the FT(Fairtrade) products as well.

    Based on my reading, the Fairtrade Towns is being well-kept from the beginning to follow the movement of FTT to make sure FTT is still in true direction. I have learnt something from this journal that whatever we do, we must know and make ourselves have that knowledge about what we are doing even for the smallest thing. They explore everything they wanted to know. In this case, behavior is vital to make goal accomplish. It is hard for me to understand this journal’s content. Basically, I just discover what are the new things that can enhance my intelligence knowledge.

    I love to know about how a small or big company market their businesses to their potential. It shows some creativity and patience in order to be in their customer’s heart. This Fairtrade product market from product to place-based activism. They marketed to consumers as Fairtrade accredited, with an emphasis on producer communities benefitting from a fair and stable price for commodity products. It has existed for over 40 years ago.
Like any other, they also face and having limitations. By focusing on the role of the activist in the FTT marketing system, it potentially understates the role that other key stakeholders play. Another limitation arises from the sampling method used, whereby the use of recommendations from one group to talk to another inevitably led to groups being recommended on the basis of being active, innovative or successful.

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