Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fairtrade Towns As Unconventional Networks of Ethical Activism (Week 3)

     From this article, I found a few new words for me that increase my knowledge and pronunciation skills as well. I haven’t use “endevour” or “endeavor” word to say something that related to strive, try or initiative. As this journal title is about fair trade, I have discovered that this product or campaign is growing and getting bigger nowadays. Everyone is making money and doing business. So, each of us who are doing business are good to have this knowledge about this Fairtrade marketing and their objective is to promote positive change in production and consumption systems. This Fairtrade product is actually to promote local products. In UK, they have promoted Fairtrade things to recognize local efforts to promote the consumption of Fairtrade products. They also have Fairtrade Foundation which is NGO at their country which responsible for their promoting and regulating the FT(Fairtrade) products as well.

    Based on my reading, the Fairtrade Towns is being well-kept from the beginning to follow the movement of FTT to make sure FTT is still in true direction. I have learnt something from this journal that whatever we do, we must know and make ourselves have that knowledge about what we are doing even for the smallest thing. They explore everything they wanted to know. In this case, behavior is vital to make goal accomplish. It is hard for me to understand this journal’s content. Basically, I just discover what are the new things that can enhance my intelligence knowledge.

    I love to know about how a small or big company market their businesses to their potential. It shows some creativity and patience in order to be in their customer’s heart. This Fairtrade product market from product to place-based activism. They marketed to consumers as Fairtrade accredited, with an emphasis on producer communities benefitting from a fair and stable price for commodity products. It has existed for over 40 years ago.
Like any other, they also face and having limitations. By focusing on the role of the activist in the FTT marketing system, it potentially understates the role that other key stakeholders play. Another limitation arises from the sampling method used, whereby the use of recommendations from one group to talk to another inevitably led to groups being recommended on the basis of being active, innovative or successful.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Online Focus Group as A Tool to Collect Data Populations : Example from Paediatric Oncology

I wonder how some institutions collecting data in big populations as for instance, in hospital. So my journal review for this week is about Online Focus Groups a tool to collect data in hard-to-include populations.

Usually they use qualitative study method which consisting separate moderated asynchronous online discussion groups with 7 paediatric cancer patients (aged 8-17) 11 parents, and 18 survivors of childhood cancer (aged 8-17 at diagnosis). All 3 participant groups could be actively engaged over one week period.  The finding show that this online focus group methodology us a feasible tool for collecting qualitative data.

The benefits from this online groups are from the result itself show,  OFG are feasible alternative method in obtain qualitative information from respondent who, by large majority, would not have joined the study. The parents of children in active treatment for childhood cancer could be actively engaged over a week period and provided balance feedback about relatives pros and cons of online group discussions. So this also provide information that they need.

Another advantage is providing the participants a convenient and comfortable way of joining group discussions. Without controlled by place and time, online participants can contribute to the group discussion at their leisure and individual places. A unique feature in serial group discussions is that it allows participants to choose their time in answering questions, allowing more time to reflect.

Apart from there, this tool also have their limitations. Like traditional focus groups, however, the aim of our study was to achieve a depth of understanding rather than generalization. In order to avoid the pitfall of selection bias, consecutive inclusion of participants was conducted instead of relying on self-selection through the Internet, thereby increasing the representativeness of the sample, and ultimately, the validity of the results. Furthermore, no differences could be detected for responding and non-responding participants. The number of participants might be another limitation. In the present study only four children and three adolescents in active treatment participated. Although this is not unusual in studies of this nature, it is considered to be the minimum group size for a focus group

My concern is, may this method will successful in future in order to have better solution and upgrading their system.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Big Data Challenges

Hi Assalamualaikum and have a good day everyone!

So this is my first time reviewing a journal and its a bit challenging. The journal that I will review about is something out of my league. I'm not going to write about makeup. So for this time being, I will make a bit different where I decided to write about non easy thingy but more to share little knowledge that might be some of my friends out there are well-known about.

I choose Big Data Challenges as this might be a challenge for me to write or give comments and my personal opinion about it. For me, this was a perfect one as I couldn't do the same as they did! Still, I can share with you guys what's from my point of view about this journal article.

The first thing I can relate when people ask me what big data's meaning is, everything in excel sheet that I manage to collect their information and details to compile when there's a contest. But its totally more than that. 
Let me tell you what big data is. It can be found in so many types such as:
1. Logs
2. Mobile
3. Banking transaction
4. Online user generated content [ ok its like what you have post in your blog spot, your daily tweets, what you have search on your google and also from satellite images! ] 
Big data is a famous phrase to describe as MASSIVE VOLUME of both structured and unstructured data. You'll be in big trouble to process big data only if you are still using traditional database software method.

So what are the Challenges? 
1. Heterogeneity (i have googled earlier and I found that the meaning is same as how you know what is Diversity) & Incompleteness

They actually face more technical issues eventhough this big data had benefits all us. When talk about big data, it talks about even every little things that must to think and makesure its work on When talk about big data, it talks about even every little things that must to think and makesure its work on it. As I've mentioned earlier, big data contains structured and unstructured. Same goes in their challenges, in order to have an efficient representation, access and analysis, they require continuously work.

It also couldn't straightly auto generate the right metadata to describe what/how data is recorded and measured. It also because lack of coordination between database system, which host the data.

2. Scale
Currently, there is fundamental shift happening. Data volume is scaling faster than compute resources, and CPU speed are static. 

3. Timeliness
Good to know, to analyze the large data needs longer time. Everytime needs to design new structures to meet the specification and to support such criteria. Plus, designing new structures is not an easy task as they becomes challenging when the data volume is growing rapidly and the queries have tight response time limits. 
When writing this review, it is really drive me to do something new and at the same time gained so much new words that I haven't discovered before. Basically from this new input, i need to think and re-read few times to understand and clear about that. Its a beautiful knowledge. So I hope I have contribute some knowledge that some of us might be never know and its good to know, you know? ☺

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Eat before Puasa

Assalamualaikum & hi semua !

Dah jadi macam ritual kan, everytime sebelum start Ramadhan yang mulia ni mesti semua umat manusia terutama yang muslim berlumba-lumba nak makan apa yang selama ini teringin di hati. Untung lah this time awal bulan sikit timing dia. So kalau ko tu jenis yang memang nak makan macam macam memang sangat lah terasa bahagia sebab ko boleh la melantak bagaikan tiada hari esok haha. 

Disebabkan aku ni jenis yang hanya tahu beberapa jenis makanan je, maka makanan yang pelik-pelik atau yang bukan-makanan-melayu memang aku tak akan pergi kalau aku sorang sorang. Apa, tak pernah tengok orang makan sorang-sorang ke ? im one of them okay huhu. Selain dari tu, aku tau tempat makan pelik-pelik pun dari kawan2. Orang sekeliling aku semua suka suggest tempat makan yang best-best tau. Jadi aku pon rasa nak jadi seperti mereka. 

Sejak aku kerja kat tempat baru ni, kawan-kawan baru banyak ajar menu baru kat aku. Aku pulak jenis tak memilih makanan so boleh masuk apa saja kecuali kambing mbekk. Harini pulak since last day kerja, besok dah Sabtu khennn.. next Monday pula start puasa inshaaAllah so dorang bawak pergi makan kat Sukiya. Eat whatever you want. Kira dia punya style makan macam kau pergi kat Seoul Garden tu la. Tapi this one aku boleh masuk even still try adapt lagi haha. Masa first time datang dulu aku macam, oh no mannn, what to do first what to take first what to what to sampai la kau penat. Tapi nasib baik la kekawan iols ni tau yang aku ni 1st timer, so dorang tolong order kan. 

"Nana makan ayam tak?"

yes !


no never !

ok done. 

Lepastu dorang pun duk order la nak shabu-shabu ke apa entah nama sup untuk rebus makanan tu. Aku macam biasa. Jadi batu kat sudut tepi sebab tak tau nak makan apa dulu haha. very noob you know ! tapi takpe, dah namanya first time kan. Anda dimaafkan. Lepas tu one of my colleague,dia ajar cara nak makan. Sebab aku tengok waiter tu serve a few types of different sauces atas meja. Aku dah macam redha je la sebab tak tau apa rasa dia kan. Jadi apa yang aku buat is, aku tengok apa yang kawan aku tu buat. Then dorang dengan penuh kesobaronn mengajar i yang newbie ini. 

Nak makan ayam yang aku baru celur dalam air tu pun ada cara okayhh ! caranya ialah selepas angkat dari celuran tersebut, gaul ayam itu di dalam raw egg yang dalam mangkuk. RAW EGG YA RAW EGG. aku siap ternganga tengok dia cakap masetu haha. Yela lepas celup dalam raw egg tu, celup dalam sambal yang rupa dia aku siap sama kan macam sambal belacan. but its not dont worry. Lepastu aku pon try. Bila dah try tu..... baru aku tau kenapa la dorang ni suka sangat. SEDAP GILA OK! tak terasa pun telur yang tak masak tu. Yang akak sorang ni memang jenis suka travel. Dia ni kekadang pergi korea tu dah macam acara wajib every year. So memang dia belajar makan pun dari sana lah agaknya. Aku pun tak sempat tanya tapi sambil makan tu ada la dia bagitau yang masa dia kat sana dia akan makan ni tu ni tu ni so aku rasa ohh okey kakyana belajar makan ni masa kat korea. got it !

So harini kan dah kali kedua pergi. Aku pon dah power la nak ambik mana dulu. Nak celup apa. Oh lupa nak cerita. Aku juga dah pandai tekan tempat keluar aiskrim tu dengan jayanya. Sebab masa first time haritu aku siap termelimpah haha. Terus aku menyampah dengan diri sendiri sebab taksub dengan aiskrim. 

Jadi aku nak share tu jelah. Bye.

Sunday, 17 April 2016



  • It is known as electronic business administration of conducting business via the internet .
  • Include the buying and selling of goods and services .


  • Electronic commerce
  • Buying and selling of goods and services 
  • Transmitting of funds or data over all electronic network , primarily the internet . 


  • More powerful than previous technology .
  • Brings fundamental changes to commerce . 
  • A sector who is currently in growth . 


Friday, 18 March 2016

Bisnes? Sounds great

Hey, hi

    Dah lama benau tak update apa-apa ni. Last post pun 2013. And now 2016. Weh, come on. Its been 3 years !! Ni kalau dah kawin mahu aku update gambar 2 orang anak kecil yang lasak taknak amik gambar. Oh, sekarang umur dah nak masuk 24. InshaaAllah, doakan dipanjangkan umur, sihat tubuh badan akal fikiran & kaya raya(Ameen)..Still tak habis study lagi. Terkial-kial lagi attend class every weekend, buat assignment last minute, and paling penting sampai sekarang susah betul nak bangun pergi kerja/kelas. Ya ampun tolong tarbiah kan aku sikit bagi sedar. Makin tua makin malas. Hopefully bakal mama mertua tak tahu perangai aku yang ni k. Kalau dia tau pun aku tau lah dari mana dia dapat tahu [awas kau bakal suami (!)].

Sekarang pun jadual harian aku cuma pergi kerja balik kerja. Lepastu bila aku rasa tak ngantuk aku lepak lah dengan ibu ayah aku. Tapi selalu tu memang kena lepak pun lepas habis keje. Kang mak aku bising cakap kalau aku kawin besok pastu ada anak mesti anak aku kebulur sebab balik balik kerja je terus masuk bilik dan bertemu aku pada keesokan harinya masa dia kejut Subuh. the end. So aku pun mula lah meng-educate diri sendiri supaya terbit sedikit rajin bangun awal sikit. So at least kalau aku tak tido balik after subuh tu boleh la konon konon tolong kemas rumah ke apa ke kan. Nampak lah sikit nak ke arah berumah tangga tu. So takde lah nampak aku bakal jadi isteri yang kuat tido dan hanya ajak laki makan kat luar. Walaupun aku hanya sibuk pasal jerawat aku, tapi aku pun dah reti masak laju laju tau. Lepasni takyah ada alasan laki tak sempat bawak bekal k. 

Eh sebenarnya nak cakap pasal bisnes. Tah la apa tetiba pasal bisnes tapi tetiba terfikir yang "ha elok jugak kau buat bisnes wahai sang liana". Since ekonomi negara semakin merudum dan ditahap yang membimbangkan. Kau tau jela aku ni, semua pun rasa nak buat tapi apa pun aku tak start. Tau-tau je dah umur 30 dah kang lagi hampeh. Mana tak nya, setiap kali masuk semester baru je mesti ada lecturer yang encourage kitorang buat bisnes. Any business that makes profit. Anything you like. As long as your heart is there. Even small business pun tak pe. So hati aku mula berbisik, Yes I have to start with something. Do or die. ecewah. Tu satu hal. Satu hal lagi ialah aku sendiri tak tau nak start buat bisnes apa. Lecturer aku semua cakap, start dengan apa-apa bisnes yang memerlukan modal yang kau ada. Yelah kau nak dapat modal dari mana pulak kan. Ye. tau. Ada je yang buat loan apa semua. Tapi aku dahlah newbie pastu pulak aku sibuk dengan belajar apa semua lagi. So im not planning for a big one. Walaupun sebenarnya dalam bisnes ni kita kena ada semangat yang kuat and sanggup hadapi sebarang risiko tapi kau agak-agak la nak risiko nya pun. Plus, bila dah ready nak buat bisnes ni memang kena letak 100% heart, mind and soul (50-50 la eh) kat bisnes. Kalau tak, memang kemana-mana lah bisnes ekau, 

Nak bisnes ni bukan boleh main terjah je. Kena ada ilmu juga ye wahai kawan-kawan. Tapi orang dulu-dulu pun bisnes takdela nak ilmu bagai2 sangat pun still boleh bisnes jugak, YE, BENERENNN. Tapi kau pikir lah kita sekarang di era menghampiri 2020. Cabaran dan dugaan mahupun saingan juga semakin sengit & jitu. Kau kalau nak buat bisnes cenggitu2 je memang kau kesitu je lah. At least kau kena la tau siapa target customer kau. Takpun, kau expect apa dari bisnes kau tu. Ada orang tak kisah sangat pasal profit. Ada orang sangat menitikberatkan pasal profit tapi servis/kualiti barang tak seberapa. Ok sekarang aku pun dah tak tau aku nak buat bisnes apa. Sebab hampir semua benda yang aku nak buat ramai gila competition kat luar sana. Aku bukan tak suka compete, tapi aku nak jugak nampak special nya product/service aku ni. Sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi. So sekarang aku jadi malas nak fikir. Dan malas nak taip lagi. Nanti kalau dah ada idea aku post lah ye. So bye